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Feb 28, 2011 7:00pm PST
a key role in the upcoming america's cup challenge even though it will not be racing. >> reporter: is so fast the owners say they do not know its limits. >> we will race for one race only. >> reporter: it won the 33rd america's cup arrived in pieces early this morning and about is considered an ambassador for the 34th america's cup set for 2013 in san francisco. it arrives just two weeks before the budget analyst for the county board of supervisors is set to release a new study tallying how much property deals made to win the race will cost the city. >> you are talking about some of the most prime real estate in all of san francisco; right? we want to make sure we are not intentionally or unintentionally giving giveaways that would have been the best interest of our consumers. >> reporter: with the race less than two years away, the city has fast-track environmental study of the project. >> we want to make sure our impact is as low as possible. >> the race brings a sense of uncertainty for some business owners facing eviction from piers along the route. >> they have been pretty aggressiv
Mar 22, 2011 7:00pm PDT
transportation for america which released a study based on federal bridge inspection data. >> in the nine county bay area, 20% of our bridges are structurally deficient. so that is greatly higher than the national average of 11.5%. >> reporter: san francisco ranked among the most with 31% over passes raided insufficient. some voters say they are not surprised. >> it would not surprise me. they have been around for a long time. i'm sure when they were built they were state-of-the-art but times have changed since then. >> reporter: caltrans shows the need for more federal funding to maintain state and local bridges but a spokesman says the structurally deficient ratings should not worry drivers. >> what it means is that that is the amount of work that takes to keep it operational. it does not mean that it isn't any imminent danger. >> reporter: congress is expected to set an transportation funding needed to share people it is unclear is whether they will provide enough money for all of these bridge repairs. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we are on storm watch as more rain rolls into the
Mar 14, 2011 7:00pm PDT
a bank with a gunman inside. police arrived that bank of america on tamalpais drive at 4:30 this afternoon. our crew on the scene say police told them all thement ploys got out safely and the gunman is communicating by putting notes on the bank door. the man told everyone to leave the bank. we have a crew standing by. >>> to the latest in japan. reeling from friday's earthquake and a massive tsunami. today a 3rd explosion rocked japan as engineered scramble to prevent a release of radiation. more than 2,000 bodies have washed ashore. and 15,000 reported missing, 1500 deaths have been confirmed. adam housely has the latest from japan. >> reporter: earthquake and tsunami and aftershocks. now the threat of a nuclear melt down. >> the device to cool the rods has been dysfunctioned and the water level did start to fall. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they are coming to the correct conclusions but it's doubtful whether they are correctly reporting the conclueses. >> japan asked the u.s. for help dealing with multiple reactors at multiple locations. obmonday another hydrogen e
Mar 23, 2011 7:00pm PDT
that he took action without congressional debate. >> this is not america versus libya. this is the world. this is an extraordinary achievement by a president and secretary of state to get the whole world to come together. my view is that he did the right thing. >> house republicans are calling on the president to clarify the u.s. mission in libya. analysts say the five-day attack has cost between 4-$5 million. >>> a poll finds that voters opinions of senator boxer grew more negative and tonight remain mixed breed 42% say they approve of the job senator boxer is doing. 40% disapproved. she draws strong support from democrats. democrats hold a positive view of five term senator dianne feinstein. among registered democrats, 68% say they approve of the job she's doing, 17% disapprove. >>> back now to our storm watch coverage were all of this rain and snow has eased fears of a drought or are we seeing too much of a good thing? tom vacar reports. >> reporter: every few seconds they release enough water to fill to gasoline truck. >> are reservoirs would be refilled at the end of this spring an
Mar 28, 2011 7:00pm PDT
's according to the associated general contractors of america. it's giving the s curve its build america merit award. the group says the construction job was well done, even if it's not appreciated. critics blame the s curve for several serious accidents including a fatal crash in which a truck driver plunged over the side. >>> there was chilling testimony today from the confessed killer of journalist chauncey bailey as the trial of yusuf beyiv. >> reporter: in an alameda county courtroom today key witness devaughndre broussard calmly testified that the leader gave broussard a gun and told them to kill chauncey bailey, to take him out before he completes his article. in his second day on the witness stand, he told the jury that the leader referred to chauncey bailey as quote that blank who killed my father. bey the 4th was referring to unflattering articles that bailey had written about the bakery. earlier today broussard testified that a month before shooting bailey, bey ordered him to whack the father of the man convicted of killing bey's brother. he said bey told him to get the opportunity
Mar 10, 2011 7:00pm PST
of this committee to protect america. >> peter king led a hearing about threats and called a father to testify about how his son converted to islam and was lured to a terrorist training camp in yemen. >> our children are in danger. this country must stand up and do something about the problems. >> they say it was fueling islamaphobia and fueling a war with islam. >> this is playing into al qaeda around the world. >> they accused king of scapegoating and stereotyping muslim americans and sobbed as he talked about a muslim american paramedic killed in the terrorist attacks. >> it was only when his remains were identified that these lies were exposed. >> congressman team said it is worthwhile and he says he will hold more hearings about the battle cassation of american muslims in -- about american muslims in the future. >>> peter king presented a flyer which was posted on the website for the bay area chapter on the council for american islamic relations. the local director told ktvu that the poster is being taken out of context and that their policy is to encourage cooperation with law enforcement. >>>
Mar 1, 2011 7:00pm PST
francisco at 4:30 a.m. the brain is in high demand in new york so virgin america gave away airline tickets to them. >>> marine mammal experts want to get the word out about seal pups alone on the beach. the mothers are usually in the ocean looking for food and a people or dogs get too close, it may scare the mother away for good. >>> craving some breakfast at dinnertime? there is a deal happening right now. details on a slapped jack's spectacular. >>> more wet, windy weather is making its way to the area. meteorolgist rosemary orozco is tracking where it will be the strongest. >>> if there is no tv nearby, you can watch bay area news at 7:00 on your computer. we are streaming live on the web at >> crews are getting this boat ready for his next assignment. it's a -- it arrived by freighter on wednesday and planned to put the vessel on public display. meteorolgist rosemary orozco is here talking about something we should be seen by bedtime. >> the rain is on its way. the breeze right now, not too bad. 12 miles per hour in and around san francisco. there it is, 35 miles off the coa
Mar 3, 2011 7:00pm PST
the stadium will be completed once they get the necessary permitsism the first america's cup race in san francisco is 16 months away. regulators and environmentalists are meeting behind closed doors. there is concern about contamination of boat work and the damage from the thousands of people who are expected to watch the race from the field. a plan is set to be completed in seven months. >>> this is a live look here from our news chopper 2 above the berkeley campus. there is a dramatic protest taking place tonight. we we will have a live update for you. >>> you would think silicone valley wants to detour hacker bus today they were warmly welcomed today. >>> the rain clouds have moved out of the bay area. coming up, the neighborhood that will warm near 70 degrees tomorrow it. and when the rain clouds return for your weekend forecast. . >>> we continue to monitor developing news happening on the campus of uc berkeley. there are a lot of people outside of the wheeler hall. there are dozens of people in front of the ledge and people on the ledge. now, john, i understand police are also ther
Mar 8, 2011 7:00pm PST
of banc of america says he expects more profitable days ahead. >>> the figures show how california and the bay area are changing. which groups are growing and the one that is shrinking. >>> the explanation behind this video and why these never before seen images of the september 11 attacks are being released. >>> partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. a warm-up is expected for tomorrow and some rain soon to follow. >> he had breaking news. a major earthquake off the coast of japan. the earthquake hit 15 minutes ago on the east coast of japan. building shook some 250 miles to the south in tokyo. a tsunami alert has been issued for the northeastern coast of japan. >>> the district's board meeting got underway in concord just about one hour ago. they are expected to vote for layered notices for 150 teachers. mount diablo faces a $122 million shortfall. >>> voters were headed to the polls today in a crucial vote on the taxes in a special election. rob roth explains. >> reporter: supporters of the measure went door to door today encouraging registered voters to cast their ballots. it wou
Mar 9, 2011 7:00pm PST
scam involving thieves using glue on atm keyboards. >> reporter: at this bank of america, there are three atms and hundreds of customers. >> i use the touchscreen even more than the keypad. >> reporter: the police captain says criminal activity has been underway long before you get there. >> we have a suspect that will come out and blue the mechanical keys. >> reporter: the suspect lingers and waits. >> a victim will come up, enter the card, a pin number and hit enter and that key sticks. >> reporter: they went inside the bridge to complained and by the time they came out it was too late. >> the suspect uses the touchscreen and withdraws money. >> reporter: with 22 victims, he logged onto the computers sending a tweet warning residents about the crime. >> times are hard right now. >> reporter: police arrested a 6-year-old man who faces a number of charges including felony vandalism and theft. investigators did not say what led them to demand but more suspects could be out there. >> if your car does not come out of the machine, do not walk away could you can call us or cal
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10